Chairman Anssi Rapo: Thank you for your confidence, for the fine celebrations and discussions. We will continue respecting our traditions in our beloved homeland. I will bring new breezes and flavors of salt and sugar for mouths and hearts. Let us go forward in this day, in the history and in the future with knowledge and honor.  That is the result of the work achieved in the history of civilization of our country, Finland as a whole. Let us be proud and address injustice, as is the basis of our life.

Vice Chairman: Yrjö Rantanen
Board: Klaus Hemanus, Ari Maarnela, Irja Leino, Asko Huttunen, Katri Laine, Jorma Weckman
Press Officer: Lasse Koskinen

Current statement of the Territorial Restitution Association of Finland in the annual general meeting in Salo 26.5.2018. Free for publication. 

The Territorial Restitution Association of Finland requires the restitution of the Tartu Peace Boundaries
The outcome of negotiations concerning the restitution must be reached by the centennial celebrations

The Territorial Restitution Association of Finland requires that the Finnish Government take note of the 2020 anniversary, as October 14 marks the centennial of signing the Tartu Peace Treaty. With that peace, independent Finland´s border with Soviet Russia was established. Both Finland and Soviet Russia committed to respect the border. In the Tartu Peace Treaty, Finland gave up the Repola and Porajärvi areas. At the same time, the Petsamo (Pechenga) area was confirmed to belong to Finland.

The state of Finland celebrated the 100th anniversary of the independence of Finland in 2017, and the liberation war called a civil war 100 years ago has been remembered in many ways this year. The anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty is therefore worth remembering in the same way.

Furthermore, the Territorial Restitution Association of Finland insists that the Finnish Government should, as soon as possible, take the initiative to negotiate with Russia in order to restore the borders of the Tartu Peace Treaty as the border between Finland and Russia. Negotiations should seek to ensure that an official restitution agreement can be signed by 2020 at the latest. The Territorial Restitution Association of Finland states that all details of the restitution can well be agreed upon by that year.

The Territorial Restitution Association of Finland notes with satisfaction that the restoration of the historic center of Vyborg and the Monrepos Park is well under way. This will allow Vyborg to be renovated to a large extent for release by the year 2020.